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  • Maincures and Pedicures
A regular manicure or pedicure keeps nails tidy and improves their appearance, the skin is cared for and high quality products are used to promote strength and growth of the nails. A tailored homecare plan may be recommended to maintain and enhance the result. 
We have a versatile range of standard maintenance or luxurious treatments to offer.


  • Classic

    File, soak, cuticles, massage and paint. £20
  • Luxury

    File, soak, cuticles, scrub, mask and heated mittens, massage, moisturise and paint. £25


  • Classic

    File, soak, cuticles, hard skin removal, moisturise and paint. £25
  • Luxury

    File, soak, cuticles, hard skin removal, scrub, mask with heated booties, massage, moisturise and paint. £30

  • Services & Prices
  • File and Paint£10
  • Minx£20
  • French Polish+£4
  • Nail Gems+£4


  • Shellac Nails

Shellac soak-off gel nail systems. Created with the health of the natural nail in mind, this evolution in technology protects nails, offering weak, bitten or problem nails the opportunity to grow. Perfect nails for 2-3 weeks with long-lasting high gloss shine!

Shellac, Soak-off gel polish

  • File & Gel Paint £20
  • Gel Manicure£30
  • Gel Pedicure£40
  • French Polish£8
  • Additives£5
  • Nail Gems£4
  • Gel Removal£6