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Semi Permenant Make Up

  • What is Semi Permenant Make Up

Semi-Permanent Make-up is also known as micropigmentation or tattooing. It is a procedure whereby coloured pigments are implanted into the dermal layer of the skin. Although it is principally the same as conventional tattooing, the type of inks used and depth the inks are implanted differ.     It is known as semi-permanent make-up as it does tend to fade over time depending on a person's age, skin type and sun exposure.   Having semi-permanent make-up gives your features shape and definition by enhancing your own natural beauty without the hassle of applying make-up. There are a variety of treatment areas that cosmetic micropigmentation can be used on such as eyebrows, eyeliner and lips.

  • Who will Benefit?
  • Anyone who has over-plucked their eyebrows.
  • Anyone who applies make-up daily.
  • Allergy sufferers who react to conventional make-up.
  • Persons who suffer with watery eyes, resulting in frequent smudged eyeliner.
  • Athletes or swimmers.
  • Alopecia or hair loss sufferers.
  • Disabled people who experience difficulty applying make-up.
  • People who require symmetry correction.

  • Eyebrows

    This procedure is perfect for anyone who wants to enhance their natural brow or has sparse hair growth. The difference balanced and shaped brows can make is amazing. Different techniques can be used to achieve your desired look.


    Eyeliner and Eyelash Enhancement

    This can be applied as a subtle enhancement, a dramatic eyeliner, and anything in-between. Micropigmentation can dramatically help define the eyes for a great look that is long lasting and smudge free.


    Lip liner and Full colour

    Micropigmentation is a great way to enhance the shape and colour making the lips look fuller and more shapely. You can choose natural tones, or for some who can't bare not wearing lipstick, there are plenty of vibrant tones to choose from. This procedure can help reduce lipstick bleed, ensuring you have perfect lips all day, every day.

    • FAQ's

    How long will my make up last?

    This will depend upon your skin type, age lifestyle and colour choice. Although the pigment molecules stay in the skin indefinitely, they will however fade over time. Top-ups are generally required between 9 months and 2 years, however this can vary.


    How long will it take?

    Each procedure varies. It is usually recommended to allow a minimum of 1 ½ hours for a first time procedure for eyeliner and 2 ½ hours for a first time eyebrow or lip procedure. This can be confirmed prior to your treatment.


    Are the procedures painful?

    This varies with each client and procedure area. With the latest techniques, anaesthetics and advanced new equipment, discomfort is minimal.


    Do I have a choice of colour and its placement? 


    Definitely! We will discuss what your desired outcome is, from the shape to the colour. Everything is checked by you before the procedure is started.


    What will happen after the procedure?

    Immediately after the procedure the colour will appear darker, more intense, this usually lasts for several days, however once healed the colour will fade down. It is usual to expect some swelling after the procedure, the extent of the swelling usually depends on the area being treated. Eyebrows it is usually very minimal. I will provide you with full aftercare advice explaining the stages of healing and how to care for the treated area.

    • Prices


    • Hair stroke Redesign eyebrows£395
    • Block brow£375
    • Powder effect hair stroke brow£375
    • Eyebrow tails£250
    • Eyebrow scar coverage£100


    • Lash enhancement: top OR bottom£250
    • Lash enhancement: Top AND bottom£350

    Natural Eyeliner

    • Medium thickness Top OR bottom liner£325
    • Thick effect Top OR bottom liner£375
    • Any thickness top AND bottom liner£450


    • Barely there natural lip definition liner£295
    • Impact lip liner£375
    • Lip blush; redefined & shaded or a natural effect £450
    • Full lip colour£695

    All the above prices include one retouch procedure that is required between 4 – 12 weeks from the initial procedure. If a further 3rd treatment is required a further small charge may be required.

    Retouch procedures

    To be taken within 18 months of first session.

    • Lip colour boost£195
    • Eyeliner colour boost, start from£100 to £150
    • Eyebrow colour boost, start from£100 to £150